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Krusty the Clown breaks perfect gay couple

Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin were so much in love with each other – until the well-hung heartbreaker Krusty the Clown has spoiled their little gay idyll! This pervert’s dick is big enough to make both goodie-goodie boys forget about their affection – and crave to take it in the cartoon ass!
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Decent Springfield dwellers turn into eager queers

Krusty the Clown is a well-known gay pervert from the Simpsons show… Still, having Kent Brockman gagging on his dick was the thing that even he couldn’t expect! The situation is almost the same with Waylon Smithers, who just can’t stop fantasizing about getting gangbanged by a whole bunch of Montgomeries Burnses.
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Homer Simpson and his uniformed gay lovers

Pretty recently Homer Simpson has found a new gay fetish for himself – he just can’t get enough of uniform games! He begins by getting a deep sloppy oral sex therapy from Krusty the Clown wearing nurse’s hat – and soon switches on to slamming Clancy Wiggum’s ass! Nice revenge on the cops, huh?
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